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It's officially: Charlotte's Web has the top CBD Gummies for 2022!



We're humbled to be the winner this year for the highly coveted and fiercely Product of the Year Award which is the highest distinction as the most ingenuous CBD Gummy product in the category.

Our team has worked extremely for our CBD Gummies just as we do for all our lines of products. Therefore, to be acknowledged by this prestigious award matters to us.

We'd like to spend a few minutes to discuss what the award is about, and then provide you with a bit of information about our prize-winning CBD Gummies.


About Our Award for Best CBD Gummies


The Product of the Year is an reputable international organization that has been bringing attention to the top products more than 30 years. It establishes the scene for brands to show off their most innovative products...and the distinctive seal of red provides a means for customers to identify the most superior products they can purchase with confidence.


The thing we like about Product of the Year is that the winners aren't picked by elite insiders or judges. The winners are voted on by 40,000 people like you , who value the quality products that make a the difference in their lives.


To ensure the validity and authenticity of the awards The surveys will be conducted through Kantar which is a world market leader in consumer research. This alliance aids Product of the Year to keep their results safe from skewed results and ensure that the winners are selected by real-life surveys taken by real people.


Below is how Mike Nolan, global CEO of Product of the Year Management said about the significance of the award:


"Given the constant fluctuation and uncertainty that has occurred over the last couple of years, our team is more proud than ever to provide customers with the votes of 40,000 customers as a source they can trust in making major purchases for their families and themselves. One of the greatest advantages of the Products of the Year is the fact that we encourage companies who create products that are in line with the most recent trends and give consumers the answers they're seeking."


Mike Nolan, CEO of Product of the Year Management


Here's how Charlotte's Web's Chief Executive Officer, Jacques Tortoroli, responded to the honor of winning the award for the best CBDGummies:


"We're happy to have Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies named an 2022 product of the year Award winner in the CBD Gummy category. In a highly competitive field We're thankful for the opportunity to utilize the famous Product of the Year red seal to make our brand stand out in a highly competitive market. It is the Product of the Year Award is a well-known program that promotes innovation in products. It shows that you should place the customer first by offering an item that offers an exceptional flavor experience, and effectiveness that they appreciate and honor this quality."


Jacques Tortoroli, CEO of Charlotte's Web


Find out more about our industry-leading CBD Gummies

CBD has seen its popularity explode in just a couple of years. Everyday increasing numbers of people realize the incredible impact CBD has on our lives, such as its capacity to aid in relaxation and remain calm, to help us sleep better as well as to help with post-workout inflammation.


In the beginning the majority of CBD was from vape. Today, CBD comes in a range of forms that include capsules or topicals, isolates, and, of course the gummies. Our CBD Gummies have developed into one of the most requested products at Charlotte's Website. It's easy to understand the reason.



Our CBD Gummies are a simple option to consume a specific amount of CBD as a tasty treat. They are similar to other gummy snacks but ours do not have a sugar coating and are available in delicious flavors such as mango, lime, raspberry as well as lemonberry. This is what makes CBD Gummies an excellent option for those who don't enjoy the natural earthy flavor of hemp extracts that are pure.

Like all of our CBD products Gummies are made with hemp seeds that were meticulously picked and cared for with care. When a bottle of Charlotte's Web prize-winning CBD Gummies is delivered to your doorstep, they'll have been tested at least of 20 times in order to guarantee the best quality and reliability.

As with the majority of products available on Charlotte's Web Our gummies are full spectrum products. This means that they have the entire range of phytocannabinoids and flavonoids and various other plant extracts that are beneficial found in hemp plants, not only CBD.


What We Did to Improve Gummy Candy, the Classic CBD Gummy


Gummies are a favorite among those looking for an easy and delicious way to consume CBD. We took it one step further by adding Nutraceuticals and natural flavors to enhance your overall health and happiness more. We began with 3 formulas: Calm Sleep, Calm, and Recovery Each with their own distinctive flavor. We have also added three additional formulas: Immunity, THC-Free and Daily Wellness.


Here's a brief overview of our entire award-winning CBD Gummy range:

The best CBD sleep Gummies of 2022 Charlotte's Web


Sleep CBD Gummies


Sleep gummies are made up of two of our top tools for sleep-supporting -- melatonin and CBD--and make delicious raspberry-flavored gummies that will make you sleepy peacefully within a matter of minutes.


The most effective CBD recovery Gummies of 2022 Charlotte's Web


Recovery CBD Gummies


Ginger-flavored gummies include 10 mg of hemp extract that is full spectrum together with turmeric and ginger extracts. Together, this blend of nutraceutical wonders assists your body ease stress and help recover from the effects of exercise-induced inflammation.


The best CBD tranquil gummies in 2022. Charlotte's Web


Calm CBD Gummies


If life is making you feel stressed, it's the perfect time to grab the one from our Calm CBD Gummies. We boost 10 mg of cannabinoids derived from plants with a dosage of lemon balm, which is calming, to let you relax and experience a higher feeling of relaxation.


The best CBD immune gummies of 2022 Charlotte's Web


CBD immunity Gummies


If you're looking for a way to strengthen an immune system that is strong, consider our Immunity CBD Gummies. They combine CBD, Astragalus root, Vitamin C from organic acerola extract and vegan Vitamin D3 makes for an effective immune booster.


The best CBD THC-free gummies of 2022, according to Charlotte's Web.


THC-Free CBD Gummies



Do you want the advantages of CBD however, without the tiny amount of THC present? If so, our CBD-Free Gummies are the perfect choice for you! You will not only experience the amazing effects CBD offers and provide, but they'll also come in a delicious mango-peach flavor.

The most effective CBD everyday wellness chews 2022. Charlotte's Web


Daily Gummies for Wellness and CBD


These gummies with a raspberry-lime flavor are ideal for use in everyday life to boost your everyday well-being, peace of mind and wellbeing. They also contain 25mg of full spectrum hemp extract in each serving, these are among the most potent CBD Gummies we have available.


We're Still Not Done Yet!

We're so ecstatic to be recognized as the top CBD Gummies of 2022 by the Product of The Year, we're nowhere far from achieving the full potential we have to do on Charlotte's Web.


We're convinced of the potential of CBD to assist people in living more wholesome and happier lives. satisfying lives. We're determined to bringing the transformative advantages of CBD to everyone we can. We're excited to continue to develop CBD products that are currently among the most sought-after and high-quality CBD products on the market.


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