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Cornbread Hemp Blog: What are CBD Gummies?


What is CBD Gummies?
Written by Jim Higdon on Dec-21-2020
What is CBD Gummies?
Updated: 3 August 2021


Cornbread Hemp offers the only CBD Gummies available that are 100% full spectrum vegan, gluten-free as well as USDA organic. This is an incredible benefit for those who are familiar with CBD Gummies. However, for those who are brand new to CBD gummies, perhaps we should step back. We all know about Gummy bears, Gummy Worms and even sharks gummy gummies But what exactly do you know about CBD Gummies?

CBD hemp gummies can be a delightful and easy method of getting the daily dosage of cannabidiol also known as CBD. These CBD-infused chewy snacks are gaining in popularity since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp derived CBD legal on a federal scale.

Gummies are tiny, fruity bites. They are also packed with CBD oil that is derived of hemp seeds. For Cornbread Hemp, our CBD oil is derived from the only flower extracted from our USDA hemp, which is organically grown in Kentucky.

The gummies we offer contain the equivalent of 10mg CBD in each gram making it easy to gauge your dosage. Gummies are a handy and discreet way to consume CBD. Due to the ease of the gummy-based form and their delicious flavor they're a great option for people who want to try CBD at first.


Table of Contents


1.) The Full Spectrum CBD Gummies


2.) Organic CBD Gummies


3) Vegan Gummies


4) CBD Gummies Effects


5.) Advantages of CBD Gummies


6) Does CBD Gummies make you feel high?


7.) CBD Dosage in a Gummy


8) CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies


9) CBD Capsules vs CBD Gummies


10) What is the process we use to make Our Gummies?


11) Organic Gummies Taste Like?


12) Where can you buy CBD Gummies?



What exactly are CBD Gummies?


Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Gummies that are full spectrum created using legal hemp-derived CBD oil. They also contain tiny quantities below 0.3 percent THC The psychoactive substance found in the marijuana plant. The most effective CBD Gummies are made from the entire range of cannabinoids as well as nutrients that provide the greatest benefit to the body's endocannabinoid systems (ECS).1

Certain companies create broad spectrum CBD chewables that do not contain THC or are made from CBD isolates that are pure CBD in and of itself. But wide spectrum CBD as well as CBD isolate products don't promote optimal results on the ECS as full spectrum does. This is why Cornbread Hemp uses only full spectrum CBD in our gummies, and not CBD isolates with no THC.

We believe that the most effective way to create hemp CBD Gummies is to use the properties of cannabis in their natural proportions rather than making use of inferior ingredients such as the broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. Always look over third-party lab test reports to ensure that you are receiving the entire spectrum of cannabinoids.


Organic CBD Gummies

To be able to allow CBD hemp gummies that are USDA recognized organically, all ingredients have to meet the requirements of organic certification from USDA. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Nearly every ingredient used into Cornbread Hemp's hemp-based gummies has been certified organic.

To create our organic gummies We begin by using sustainable farming practices like crop rotation. We also employ no pesticides or chemical fertilizers for our hemp that is organic. Hemp plants grown organically produce CBD-rich blooms that we extract and harvest by using organic sugarcane ethanol. The hemp extract that we use to create our organic CBD chewing gum with organic ingredients.

Vegan Gummies

Our gummies aren't just USDA organic, and grown in the safest and sustainable manner, but are they also vegetarian! Do you not like meat? Don't worry. Gummies that are vegan created using apple pectin, not gelatin that is made of animal pieces and bits. Pectin is a dietary fiber that can be that can be found in both vegetables and fruits which is commonly used to thicken jams and jellies.


A lot of vegans struggle to find an authentic CBD edible due to the fact that CBD capsules that contain gel are made using gelatin derived from animals. This is the reason Cornbread Hemp has made it a goal to find an vegan-friendly recipe for our Gummies. Cornbread Hemp Gummies are gluten-free!


CBD Gummies Effects


Cornbread Hemp's CBD Gummies are unique in the catalog of products offered by the company in several ways. They are the sole CBD product sold by Cornbread Hemp with added flavor and sugar.


All flavorings and sugars that are fruity are natural and they have the effect of taste. In other words, the results of these chewables are comparable to those of other full spectrum CBD products.




CBD Gummies have many benefits.


Gummies that have CBD contain all the claims of advantages as other CBD products offer. A lot of people use them to ease discomfort or to help alleviate the stress of their day. Others have found that they aid to relax after a long day , or concentrate better when they wake up.

Similar to other natural supplements, CBD oil is subject to numerous studies and we're still figuring out the many advantages CBD gummies offer. They also benefit from tasting delicious.


Can CBD-rich CBD-infused Gummies Get You Feel High?


Many people might be wondering what happens if CBD edibles contain THC, can they induce a high? No, they won't. Full range CBD products that have the federally-approved quantity of not more than 0.3 percent THC won't give you a high.


The THC concentrations within legal CBD products is not enough to make you feel other way. Just a small amount is required to make the CBD function better and let you reap the maximum benefits of the product.


CBD Gummy Dosage


The ideal amount of servings for CBD is determined by a variety of different aspects, such as your weight, metabolism and toleranceThe same principle applies to deciding on the amount of CBD Gummies you should consume. The gummies we offer contain 10 % CBD in each gummy. you get 30 gummies from each bottle.


The majority of human studies on impacts of CBD potency have begun with 20 mg of CBD (2 Gummies) However, the results may vary.2 We recommend starting with an initial level and then increase or decrease that amount by 10mg (or one chewable gummy), based on how you feel. In excess CBD extract could minor side effects, such as a groggy stomach or intestinal discomfort early in the day. Therefore, it is best to begin with a low dose and gradually slowly increase your dosage.


CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies


In the process of choosing between CBD oil and gummies, most of the choice comes down to your personal taste. CBD oil is ingested under the tongue , and then enters your bloodstream via the tiny capillaries that are located there. CBD Gummies need to be digested before CBD gets into your bloodstream via the process. This means that gummies may take longer to take impact than CBD oils.


If you're not impressed by the consistency or flavor the taste of CBD oils and gummies, then the gummy version of CBD might be the better option for you. (Although it is important to avoid oils solely based on taste be sure to try the whole Flower with delicious flavor, as well as the Distilled that has almost none whatsoever.)


CBD Capsules vs CBD Gummies


The decision between CBD capsules vs . gummies is also largely a matter of preference. Both of them make the process of taking CBD oil easy, as they're both discreet and easily transportable. Both gummies and capsules permit the CBD to be absorbed into the system through digestion. If you're worried about the gelatin made from animals in the capsules you take, Cornbread Hemp's gummies are the ideal choice. They are free of gelatin and all the ingredients are vegan.


Both gummies and capsules function in the same manner. They move through your digestive tract, and then the CBD oil gets into your bloodstream this way.




How do we make our Gummies?


We create our CBD chewies by using an organic extraction method on non-GMO hemp plants to obtain the purest and potent hemp extracts, which are full spectrum. For our gummies we blend it with the organic extract, our fruit flavor as well as other ingredients that are vegan like apple pectin until the whole thing is completely incorporated. The mixture is liquid form.


Then, we place all of the ingredients for our vegan gummy in an ice-cream mold and placed it in the freezer for it to form. This is where the pectin performs its job expanding its fibers the cold, while also firming the gummies. When the gummies are firm and rolled, we wrap them into sugar crystals from cane and then put them into amber glass jars that have lids that are safe for children. Gummies are sold 30 per bottle and contain 10 mg CBD per Gummy.


What are the flavors of our Organic Gummies Smell Like?


Cornbread Hemp's Gummies have natural flavors made from organic, non-GMO strawberries. Each bottle is stocked with gummies that are naturally flavored with raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

Our chewies are made from the highest quality ingredients that are available. You will not find excessively high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors! However, you'll find other ingredients like organic sugar, organic cane sugar, and organic fruit. It is also easy to gauge by CBD weighing 10 mg per chewable.

We would like our customers to enjoy a an unadulterated CBD experience, while eating a healthy, natural snack they feel comfortable eating. We made sure that our CBD gummies were organic, vegan and gluten-free!


Where can you buy CBD Gummies?


It's based on your specific state's laws. To find Cornbread Hemp in a store near you, use our store locator. It is possible to find Cornbread Hemp products are available at many health drug stores, pharmacies and retail stores throughout in the United States.


Of course, you can purchase CBD Gummies as well as various hemp-derived CBD products online and have them legally and securely delivered to your home via UPS or the USPS or UPS at the speed you require it. When you order online, you have the opportunity to review the reviews of other customers to find out what others are saying about the products. In order to ensure the safety of your purchase and CBD potency All tests conducted by third parties are posted on the website of Cornbread Hemp.


Of all the varieties of CBD products that are available Gummies containing CBD could be the most enjoyable to eat! Get your gummy fix at Cornbread Hemp for the top quality in CBD!


About the Author

Jim Higdon, Co-founder


He is a resident of Lebanon, Kentucky. He has the degrees of Centre College, Brown University as well as Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. Jim released Cornbread Mafia on the subject in 2012. Read the full bio of the author is available here.




What's the flavor of the taste of a CBD Gummy taste like?


If you purchase your Gummies from Cornbread Hemp every bottle of gummies is naturally flavor with non-GMO, organic blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, and then covered with cane sugar that is organic.


Can CBD gummies cause you to get high?


Do I have to cut the CBD Gummy in half?




The rights are reserved. The claims made in relation to hemp-derived CBD products are not vetted in any way by The Food and Drug Administration. They are not FDA approved and the effectiveness of these products have not been verified by FDA-approved research. CBD Products aren't intended to treat, diagnose or treat any disease or condition. The information contained herein is not intended to be substitutes or alternatives to information on health provided by licensed doctors. You should consult with your physician regarding possible interactions or other problems before using the use of any CBD product.

Cornbread Hemp works with hemp suppliers who offer CBD products with less or less than 0.3 percent THC. With these tiny quantities of not more than 0.3 percent THC bear in mind that it's possible for users to fail an examination for drugs. Cornbread Hemp does not take any responsibility if the customer fails a test for drug use when taking these supplements. Although these levels of THC are legally legal at the federal level, a lot of companies have their own policies which don't allow CBD usage. Be sure to check with your employer prior to making use of CBD in case you are planning to be tested for drugs.


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